Thursday, 1 November 2012


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Mawardi dan Arief  Sadjiarto

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The purpose of this article is to explain the quality of education profile,the national standard of education, the implementation of national stan-dard of education, the problem-mapping of the education and some think-ing on how to cope the problems of education in Indonesia. The classic problem in Indonesia is the low quality of education in every stage and unit of education, especially primary and secondary education. Some policies have been made by the government in order to improve the qual-ity of education. Those policies are related with the curriculum, students, teachers, infrastructures, financing, education management, the verifi-cation of the standard of national education, etc. The policies about the standard of national education are declared by the government as the minimum criteria of the educational system thoughout Indonesia. The functions are as the base of instructional planning, executing, and moni-toring in order to create the qualified national education and also as the quality insurance instrument of the national education. Based on some findings (by BPK and Litbang Diknas), it is indicated that the standard of national education has not been well implemented. Moreover, the fac-tors which are influential towards the implementation of the standard of national education are effectiveness, efficiency, and the double-face of the standard of education.

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standard of national education, quality of education

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